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I'm a musician, motorcycle fanatic, reader of many books, culinary enthusiast, connoisseur of fine tobacco, Islay whisky and big, red wines. This blog includes the various peripheral things I happen to enjoy while doing all of the above. I hope the things shared inspire you.
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Very Short Fact: On this day in 1940, after 3 months of the Battle Of Britain in the skies over the South Coast, Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, makes the fourth of his famous wartime speeches in which he said: “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

Churchill embodied a traditional sense of patriotic unity as no one else amongst his contemporaries could ever do. War gave his career a new impetus and relevance. His inspiring oratory over the radio and in the Commons conjured up new reserves of national will-power in this ‘finest hour’ for his country. 

[p. 47, Twentieth-Century Britain: A Very Short Introduction, by Kenneth O. Morgan]

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Image: Winston Churchill, from the Imperial War Museums Archive. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.


A brace of non-commissioned pipes. Where shall they go?

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One year of everyday wear on my Ewing Dry Goods  minimalist belt and lanyard.


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Keep building your single malt collection. Taste the unique complexities each dram brings. Enjoy them all.

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Mmmmm always worth the wait…

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